Sling Friday

Sling Friday 04/05/2018


Apologies for the absence of Sling Friday updates in February, March and April.  We’ve been going through a few changes at Ways to Carry HQ.  We’re getting in to a routine with our new normal now though, so Sling Friday updates should be weekly again.

Our Library session at Holme Hall today was busy but steady, and I can’t tell you how much the newly trained volunteers are taking the pressure off the old-timers.  Lorette from the Slingababy Training School ran a peer support course last month for 9 of our regular volunteers.  Watching them developing and building on their new skills at the last couple of Library sessions has been wonderful.  My 7yo daughter also attended the course (her request) and is now even more enthusiastic than she was (although walking up to complete strangers and telling them their crying baby needs a cuddle in a sling might be a bit over-evangelical).

The Library session is at Bolsover next week, hoping our Integra Solar order might have arrived by then as I can’t wait to try them out.  Watch out for further development work on the website … I have lots of plans 🙂


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