Sling Friday

Sling Friday 25/05/2018


4th Friday of the month so no Library session today, but because Friday is my day off from the mortgage-paying job there’s always some slinginess… I went through all the Library baby sized buckle carriers, decided to get rid of some that don’t hire often, decided the Library spending strategy for the next couple of months and had a proper play with the Boba X. Oh, and received the dispatch notification for a boatload of new Integra Solars 🙂

Spending strategy:  We will contribute to the training up of another consultant (you know who you are and I am so excited).  We will order several more Boba X as soon as the retailer has them in stock.

I have also made the difficult decision to offer fewer home visit slots; due to changes at my house it will be lots better for my family if people come to me rather than me going to them.

Obviously having made that decision I have immediately booked in a home visit for tomorrow, but he’s so little… Soppy mare eh??



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