Uncategorized 17/03/2020

In the light of yesterday’s Government advice that all non-essential travel and contact with others should be avoided, we feel the responsible way forward is to suspend Chesterfield Sling Library drop-in sessions and workshops for the time being, effective immediately, for at least the remainder of March and for April.  We will review this position for May (or sooner if the situation changes).As much as we would like to keep the Library sessions going we cannot in all conscience go against this advice.  We will message all those of you with current loans over the next day or two to…

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Happy New Year 2018


There’s a lot of work left to do on this site, most of the basic Library content is in place but it’s neither personalised nor pretty, and I’m still working out how to use the gallery plug-in that will make the Library Catalogue a reality.  The Ways to Carry Consultancy content is in the very early stages, but it’ll get there.


I made a website…


The content for this website has been buzzing around in my head for EVER, but finally I got the tech support to set up the basic structure and I am now adding the content.  Work in Progress !!