Library session or consultant booking?

Attend a Chesterfield Sling Library session if:

  • You would like to come to a free-to-attend session
  • You are happy that you may be seen in a group and will be shown one or two age-appropriate carrying options
  • You only want to carry one child, on your front or on your hip
  • Child and carer are fit and well with no complex medical conditions or additional needs (message us to discuss this if you’re unsure)
  • You feel confident about the idea of using slings and carriers once you have been shown how


Enquire about a Ways to Carry Workshop if:

  • You are happy to be seen in a small group
  • You want to explore a specific topic in depth


Enquire about a Ways to Carry Private Consultation if:

  • You would like the undivided attention of a qualified carrying consultant in a session tailored to your specific needs
  • You want to see all the carrying options available to you
  • You want to work at a detailed level on a particular carrying option
  • You want to learn to carry on your back
  • You have twins or children of different ages and want to carry both at the same time
  • Carer or child has a complex medical condition or additional needs
  • You are nervous about the idea of using slings and carriers