What does it cost?

Private one-to-one or family sessions

  • Initial appointment priced at £45 per family for 90 minutes to include membership of Chesterfield Sling Library and an initial 4 week loan if these are required (within 10 miles of Chesterfield)
  • Follow-up appointment charges vary, but never more than £10/hr

Special-circumstances assistance

  • No additional charges for special circumstances (such as disability or complex medical conditions)

Group workshops

  • From £10 per adult attendee

Demonstrations, Information sessions, Lectures, Tutorials

  • Cost really depends on what you would like, and on the nature of your organisation, pricing starts at £0

Hire of slings and carriers from the Chesterfield Sling Library catalogue

  • As per current Chesterfield Sling Library fees, see here, an additional £5 for delivery (within 10 miles of Chesterfield)

We are always happy to discuss discounted fees depending on your circumstances.