Twin Carrying


Twins!  Two of everything, and where’s that extra pair of hands when you need it? There are lots of options for carrying twins, including some which are specifically designed for carrying two together. Twins often come early and may be small or underdeveloped, and twin carrying is a very specialist field, so we do ask that if your babies are small and have ongoing health needs, or if you want to carry both together, you book a one-to-one with our consultant. Chesterfield Sling Library have twin-specific options available for hire. We also offer twin parents 2-for-1 rental on stretchy wraps and…

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Sling Friday, Twins

Sling Friday January 12th 2018


I know it’s Saturday, but yesterday was a pretty busy one; Library at Bolsover followed by a couple of trouble-shooting mini-1:1s and then rescheduling most of today’s appointments as youngest came home from school feeling poorly.  Anyway, she’s tucked up having a afternoon snooze, and I have been preparing for a twin consult later on this afternoon.  It struck me that there was nothing on the work-in-progress website about twin carrying and the twin options we have available, so something coming up later today (I hope).