Sling Friday

Sling Friday 19/01/2018


More like Sling Friday/Saturday/Sunday …

Friday’s Library session at Hasland was fabulous; some of the qualified peer supporters excelled themselves with their sensitive and competent work; some of the trainee peer supporters moved up a league.  You know who you are folks!!  Anna from DCHS BF Support was able to attend, she got to see some of ‘her’ mums&babies moving forwards, and I got to spend a few minutes furthering her (already good) sling skills.  Lovely also to see Sean & Evony (Evony’s mum is back at work so Evony’s dad is coming to Library instead – fantastic to have such an attached, involved and competent dad on board; Carla you’ve got a good one there… I reckon you should both do your Peer Support training).

Friday afternoon saw my first ever non-attendance for a 1:1.  Their loss.

Moving forwards, Saturday I got to spend time helping the brother-in-law of our longest-term helper find a carrying solution for his utterly gorgeous 5-monther.  Sleepy Nico FTW.  I was ably assisted (!) by Lucy (7) demoing her stretchy wrap doll carry and insisting on going up in her all-time favourite sling; Pollora Forest Fairies (weightless in a knotless ruck).

Sunday, time for a wonderful family with a really special fighter of a little boy.  They’ve had a rough journey, but moving forward now and getting on with real life, a stretchy will help Mum while she sorts out the horses and help Dad to spend time with lovely boy.  Hoping you get out and about to buy your new coat soon, Mum, see you at a Library session soon xx.

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