Sling Friday

Sling Friday Jan 5th 2018


My first Sling Friday post of the new year comes via my work-in-progress website for Ways to Carry and Chesterfield Sling Library.  I know it’s not pretty (yet) and it’s not finished (yet) but good things come to those who wait.  Let me know what you think of it so far…

Anyhow, first Library session of the year at Holme Hall this morning was utterly lovely.  Lots of auto-renewals meant we started off quietly so the volunteers could play with random new (to them) carriers, but things busied up Quite Considerably later on in the session.  It was a very broad ranging morning, from tiny newborns to chunky toddlers, several people needing help with their own carriers, twin mums who have graduated from 1:1 help to being able to turn up to a session for a quick tweak, newcomers coming to find out what we’re all about, returnees graduating from one type of carrier to another just because they can 🙂  Best of all though previous attendees coming to just be, renewing maybe, or maybe not even borrowing, but coming on down because the session is a nice place to be on a rainy Friday morning in January.  We overran by an hour (oops), luckily the Children’s Centre didn’t have another booking after us.

This afternoon I had the privilege of working with mum and dad to a very special baby who arrived many weeks too soon, they’ve all had a tough time over the last couple of months but they’re home now and looking forward to normality.  Baby is absolutely gorgeous, a wise little soul, still tiny but healthy and strong.  I wish them an uneventful next few months.

Ending this post with a special hug for Carla, one of our newer supporters, who has to go back to work next week.  Best wishes Carla, we’re thinking of you, we’ll miss you, don’t be a stranger xx

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