Sling Friday

Sling Friday – 08/06/18


BUSY Bolsover session today, but busy is good.

I was privileged to borrow a 5 day old squish for most of the session (thank you Hannah), so had her in a stretchy (JPMBB Basic for anyone geeky enough to care) whilst demoing to many, many parents.  Anybody impressed by what can be achieved whilst also carrying a newborn?

TWINS: 2 sets but no overlap (Erika/Ben stay longer or Kirsty arrive earlier!!), both working with Twingos; Kirsty did her first tandem carry (and rocked it like a boss).  Many thanks Ben for your help hefting the slings, and also thanks to Ben we now know that Integra has longer straps than Connecta so works better for the broader-chested Daddy.

BOBA X: So far it’s been given the thumbs down by our volunteers, who are finding the buckles uncomfortable under the arms.  Why not give it a go and see what you think?

In other news… a pleasure to introduce 5 new members to Library, and help two attendees with their own slings (did you know we are always happy to help you with stuff you already own?).

Hasland next week, be there or be… somewhere else.

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